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Digital Marketing for Beginners: Ways to drive traffic and get sales / leads - Digital D
Digital Marketing for Beginners

Digital Marketing for Beginners: Ways to drive traffic and get sales / leads

SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising. Where do you start and how do you use these to get more traffic to your website?

We’re going to look at things to try if you are first starting out.

Blogging / SEO

This kind of content can work well if you have an existing and loyal audience. But for most of us that precisely want to get more traffic, leads-in, and sales we need to intentionally target problems that your target audience wants to solve.

In the world of blogging, this whole process can be summed up as a technique called keyword investigate

So what does that mean?

What do you think potential customers might be searching for in Google? Probably things that are very real problems which they need solutions for. So for example someone looking to invest will look at terms like ‘How to invest in property’, ‘How do I buy a property to rent?’

By ranking in Google for something like “how to invest in property, ” you’re now captivating potential purchasers with deep pockets and they likely have intent to buy. The best thing about blogging for SEO is that once you rank, you’ll be get free, coherent and passive congestion from Google.

Video Content

Not the traditional digital marketing methods recommended by most but the fastest growing. YouTube is the second most inspected search engine in existence. To exceed that off, video carousels virtually by double in Google’s search results the last few years.

Video isn’t just the future. It’s the present. And the same principle of helping potential purchasers works for video more. When people go to video search engines like YouTube, they’re looking to find answers to their questions. For example, if you bought a so-called “new” iPhone, you are able to sought for “iPhone X unboxing” and see if all of the contents are in the box.

Social Media Marketing

Used by most businesses owners in some capacity however we always recommended to focus on just one social media channel direct when you’re just starting out. It takes time to build a following. But numbers aren’t everything.

What you’re looking fora loyal and engaged following. When you dip your toes into every possible social media network out there, your attention gets partitioned and the results get diluted. So which social media marketing channel do you have selected? That leads us into the second tip, which is to go where your target audience is and cater to the platform. If you have to choose merely one social network, it’s not about choosing the one with the most active users.

It’s all about understanding the public that’s there and if you can serve the reason for them being there. You really need to think about why someone is logging into the specific social media system. For example, parties usually go to YouTube to learn how to do something, or to be entertained.

However something like Facebook is different. Think about it.

Have you ever logged onto Facebook, hoping that you would watch an unboxing lesson? Or better yet, have you ever opened your Facebook app hoping you would find a limited time offer that’s 97% off, simply for the next 37 times? Probably not. People don’t check Facebook with credit card in hand. People like and share things that are helpful, interesting, scandalising or funny.

Paid Ads

When it comes to paid ads, the first thing we say is to test, test and test some more. There’s no point just using all your budget in one channel once and then saying it never works. Instead, think about the ABCs of paid advertise. A is for audience, B is for budget and C is for commerciality.

Budget is the next one. Bloomberg reported that Google and Facebook own a combined 58% of the $111 billion dollar market. The more advertisers there are, the more expensive it gets. So what can you do? The first option for Google Ads is to look for keywords that have a lower cost per click.

The second thing you can do is experiment with less popular ad programmes where your target audience might be. Finally is commerciality. Now, all major ad platforms are able to imparting ROI for their advertisers.

Email Marketing

If you’ve ever looked into email marketing, then you’ve probably heard experts claiming that “email is king’. Yes it has one of the best returns as sending out communications is very cheap…but there’s one snag…you need traffic and data to send the emails to. Plus they need to be opted in to receive emails.

Email is a great long play to build connection with your public and and even sell high value products and services. Focus on building your email database from day one. It’s important and you are able to as well collect emails from interested people from the beginning, even if it’s not a substantial list. But be realistic with your goals and see how it can serve your business.

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