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itgel CBD

itgel CBD is one of the UK newest suppliers of CBD oils, edibles and body products.  They approached Digital D to not only formulate a new brand presence, but also set up a new e-commerce site, digital marketing strategy including social media media profiles.  This was to not only gain immediate brand awareness but also increases digital footprint and drive more traffic and sales on their site.  So a fully managed solution to their business requirements.

itgel CBD
Tasks Undertaken
Digital Marketing Strategy / User Experience / SEO / New Website Build / Content / Social Media Management / PPC / Email

What did we do?

We reviewed the UK CBD market and identified prime target demographics that would match our clients products and also their core mission.  From here we formulated an overall marketing strategy which not only focused on a new logo, but also overall messaging and how we’d like the brand to be perceived online.   From here a new e-commerce site was built along with social media profiles along with a fully integrated channel strategy.

What were the results?

  • Created an fully functioning e-commerce site to take orders online.
  • Created and grew social media profiles to promoted the brand organically.
  • Instagram profile growth from 0 to 12,000 followers in 9 months.
  • We introduced a paid media strategy across publishers across the digital channel spectrum.
  • We implemented a new email strategy for regular communications to existing customers for increased brand awareness and cross-sell opportunities.

A registered company in England & Wales. Registration number: 11977848

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