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James Payton – Eureka Financial Services

James runs a very successful financial advisory services company in Kidderminster and wanted to generate greater awareness on social media platforms.  He wanted to add value to existing customers but also help people with any financial queries which could then turn into leads for the future.  He already had a Facebook page set up for the business but wasn’t really sure how to progress.

James Payton - Eureka Financial Services
Tasks Undertaken
Social Media Awareness Strategy | Facebook page optimisation | Facebook ad campaign management | Email lead generation management

What did we do?

We established with James what he exactly wanted from his social media presence and how ti could add value to his existing customers and also generate awareness for new clients.  From here we could then draw up a Social Media strategy which met his objectives but also help him understand the importance of consistent engagement and lead generation tactics to his pipeline was full for the foreseeable future.

What were the results?

  • We provided a social media strategy for organic content to ensure consistent engagement and boost algorithm scores
  • We reviewed and optimised the Business Facebook page to ensure the messaging was clear, consistent and in line with Jame’s requirements
  • We set up and managed a number of Facebook ad campaigns to generate awareness and leads for potential clients
  • This resulted in a 25% increase in Facebook followers within a one-month time frame

A registered company in England & Wales. Registration number: 11977848

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